Cobb County Foster Adoptive Parent Association, Inc - Training Schedule

     2017 Foster Parent Training Schedule

January - Enrolling your Foster Child in school- Darryl York (Cobb County School District) and Preston Howard (Marietta City Schools District)

February - Gary Frazier - Cobb County Department of Family and Children Services - Independent Living Program

March - Early Detection of Developmental Delays & Disabilities - Rita Young, GA DPH

April - What to do when your Foster Child reports abuse/neglect to you - Debra Brown, GA Center for Resources and Support and Gail Garland, Safe Path

May - Annual Business Meeting

June - Summer Mini Conference "Expectations" - Judge Jerry Bruce, "The Right to be Heard," Marjorie Jones, AFPAG - "Foster Parents Bill of Rights," Carlene Redmond - "Foster Child Bill of Rights" and Natalie Fikes leading a panel of Foster Parents and DFCS Supervisor regarding expectations (4 hours training)

July - No Meeting to be held

August - Michelle Watson, UGA Cobb Co. Ext - Food Talk - Quick Easy and Affordable meals

September - TBC - Making Changes in the Law

October -  TBC Foster Child Passport

November - "The Road from Foster to Adopt" - Panel of professionals to discuss the turns and dips in the road and how to strap in and keep steady on the road

December - Annual Christmas Party - NO training 



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